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Through collaboration, an understanding of proven best practices and the use of data, we help our clients articulate, design, implement and evaluate their best ideas, as well as help understand what is working best and what can be improved.


Grant writing is an exciting opportunity for public agencies and nonprofit organizations to bring in the funds needed to strengthen existing programs or implement new ideas. MD&M has a structured approach to grant writing that cultivates our clients’ innovative ideas and matches them to the appropriate federal, state, or private funding opportunities. Working across a broad range of service areas, we help our clients identify funding strategies that target specific community and organizational needs, and develop competitive grant applications to meet them. Engaging collaboratively with relevant stakeholders, we leverage the resources already in place and incorporate data to create the strongest possible applications. MD&M is a full service grant development, grant writing and grant administration consultancy.


Strategic Planning provides transformation within an organization and across broader systems within a community. We work in partnership with leadership and other key stakeholders to increase engagement and cultivate buy-in around a shared vision. A planning process is an opportunity to create a blueprint for putting a community’s best ideas into action. MD&M specializes in guiding planning processes rooted in a deep understanding of existing systems, goals, and desired outcomes.


Organizational Development provides an opportunity for transformation, both within organizations and across the broader systems in which they operate. Internally, focusing on organizational culture can increase employee engagement by helping establish clear expectations, illustrating the importance of the work, providing the resources necessary to do the job, and building trust in supervisors and managers. At the systems level, organizational development can help build capacity to engage in collaborative partnerships with other agencies and community-based organizations by streamlining practices and strengthening infrastructure. 


Evaluations allow organization to better articulate their work, and meet their intended objectives and outcomes. Through real-time data analysis of outcomes and impact, organizations can use evaluation as a tool to ensure their programs continue to meet their desired goals. The results of an evaluation can also provide concrete data to guide future efforts.

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